Great desert spoon

Dasylirion acrotrichum

Its name “Dasylirion acrotichum” comes from the Greek word “dasys” which means thick and from “lirion” which is the name they gave to the lily. As for its specific name “acrotichum”, it comes from the Greek and means “which ends in hairs”. This xerophytic plant group includes sixteen to eighteen species.


Dasylirion acrotrichum is endangered in its natural habitat.

Species characteristics

Family: Agavaceae

Origin: It is native to Central America, reminiscent of Yucca.

Habitat: Desert areas of Central America

Characteristics: Evergreen, simple foliage, in terminal rosettes. Flowering is characterised by a flower spike rising more than two metres above the plant.

Flowering period: Spring

Uses and properties: An ideal plant for dry gardens.

History and oddities

A great botanical confusion reigned for a long time over the various varieties, and even over other genera, like the Nolina, but since 1994 a new classification by the American botanist David Bogler has given us access to a large collection.
This plant, native to Mexico, is called xerophytic because it grows in desert areas.