the gardens of the Collectivity of Corsica

A green oasis

in the heart of Ajaccio

In the golden age of Ajaccio as a winter resort, the "Grand Hôtel et Continental" was the palace of the city, with its beautiful garden and its bathing pavilion, the Ariadne Plage, on Route des Sanguinaires.

The garden is steeped in history. Registered in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments, it is home to some significant species, including Washingtonia and Phoenix palms, Araucaria, Nolina, Grevillea, Dasylirion, and Aloes. Its layout is based on the play of volumes and exoticism.

Just for the pleasure

of the eyes

It has known many gardeners who have contributed to its development and all have left their “footprint” in an attempt to meet the changing tastes of the occupants. Every effort has been made to restore its original organisation around a central perspective, very visible from the Cours Grandval, with its successive symmetrical half-moon flowerbeds, alignments of palm trees and play of terraces.

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Its maintenance (the selection, propagation and relocation of plants established by natural seeding, and the progressive restoration of old garden masonry) has been entrusted to a landscape architect. It requires special attention, which is renewed every year.

Water is at the heart of the garden, even if it is not directly staged. Indeed, the plants are skilfully grouped according to their water needs. There is a scene of a “dry garden” – Australian or South American desert plants – or elsewhere, a humid sub-tropical garden, colonized by Brazilian Jacaranda and a tree-fern.

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